Meet the SAMily

Meet the SAMily

I know, I know- A blog post from SAM?! It’s only been years.. No one complained when Adele took 4 years to write her last album. (okay, maybe they did.) Either way
*Drum roll please*
SAM Says is back! Oh yes - And we’re better than ever. We have a new showroom, a new website, and a new team. ~ How fancy ~ In this blog you can follow along with our projects, get some behind the scenes- see how we work and get to learn some tips and tricks along the way.
As a welcome back I’d like to introduce you to our SAMily -

+ Susan Drover
I like to call her boss lady.  Her blonde ambition mixed with her love of Sweden makes her the perfect leader for SAM.

+ Jenneil Cooper
She’s been here since day one- Shes a free spirit that gets- it- done. You may find her with her dog Pokey or a glass of heavy red.

+ Ellen Squires
A fierce will with a charm there's no wonder she’s our manager. Shes a lipstick queen with massive dreams.

+ Starlyn Cag
Our technical genius/ AutoCad queen. She loves dancing as much as she loves a clean grout line.

+ Sarah Daskewech
New to Newfoundland and the newest member of our SAMily. Don’t let her dimples fool you- she means business and will WOW you.

+ Anna Penney
The sweetest intern ever. No but really- she’s our secret weapon. When she’s not multi-tasking around the store she’s checking the new real estate listings in her overalls.

+ Olivia Drover-Martin
Not to be confused with her boss mama- this blondie is our HR goddess. Olivia has a deadly style both in home and fashion so she fits in right nicely. Also word on the street is she’ll be giving staff lessons on how to pop lock and drop it.  

+ Desyrea Hollahan
Positive vibes queen Desyrea can help you style any space. Her sunny attitude makes her a pleasure to work with.

+ Tara Tobin
Oh Hey- It’s your girl. Lead on the creative team- The one you get to follow along with, on all our social media platforms. (lucky you!) Rihanna meets Kanye attitude, but i’ll keep it real with you guys for sure.

Well this is us!

Everyone you need to know to follow along on our journey.
We may not be perfect all of the time, but what family is? The main thing is we care. We care about each other and we care about you guys.
Without you there would be no SAMily.

So a million times, Thank You.
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