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SAM + Wellington-Altus Private Wealth

SAM + Wellington-Altus Private Wealth

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, with more than $20 billion in assets under management and 40 offices across Canada, hired SAM Design to create a beautiful new space for their first office in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Modern, warm, stylish and luxurious is the vibe on the 8th floor of Cabot Place. Pulling elements from the Newfoundland and Labrador landscape, particularly through wood elements, various shades of deep blue and a gallery display of local photography beautifully framed by Newfoundland Canvas, Susan and her team were successful in enhancing the stunning downtown views from their offices. Cues for the lobby interior were taken from teak decking board and were installed to give you an instant feeling of stepping aboard a luxury yacht. This feeling was carried throughout the entire office suite, from the open glass central boardroom and into the private offices. Each and every choice was intentional and each piece in the design has a unique story to tell. The completed space is a beautiful, luxurious and functional office for the local Wellington-Altus Private Wealth team and their clients to enjoy.


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Wellington-Altus Private Wealth values providing beautiful functional modern spaces for their partners to work in, a sentiment that aligns with SAM’s values. While maintaining a consistent look and feel in their offices across Canada, the ability to customize spaces, reflecting local culture and environment and individual partner personality is encouraged. At SAM, we live by the principle that well-designed spaces greatly contribute to helping people live better lives. This same principle applied in a work environment in turn results in happier work lives, and happier employees.


But the biggest reason for this success was something different — at the core of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth’s entrepreneurial spirit and partner selection is the guiding principle of trust. We felt that with every step we took in the project that complete trust that was given to the SAM team. This confidence in our vision propelled us both to success, helping us deliver the experience and feeling they wanted in their final space.


We are always proud of our work, but this project leaves us feeling exceptionally proud as we feel we delivered one of the most beautiful office spaces in St. John’s on time and on budget. Welcome, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, to your home in our beautiful province.




Susan Drover, Project Manager + Design Lead

Ellen Squires, Interior Design

SAM Design Inc.



Newfound Mechanical Ltd.

Reception Desk:

Spaces NL

Han-D Designs



Newfoundland Canvas


Interior Photography:

Jane Brokenshire Photography